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What is - or: Why did we do this?

There are many forums dedicated to the GS 500. Every one of them might have their place, but they are only accessible for their registered members.

We try to build a Wiki about the GS 500 (1989 - today) that is accessible to everybody.

We'd like to get as many FAQs, hints & tricks and conversions as possible, to make them availbale to everybody seeking help with his ride.

This page is "free for all": no registration, no fees, no ads!

Everybody who wants to help us with this page, is more than welcome! It is important though, that you made the article yourself and didn't "nick" it from another page, the same goes for photos. You also agree to unrestricted publication of your work on this Wiki. We don't want to provocate any legal actions, so please stick to these few rules.

Bylaws for the published conversions and FAQs:

  • All conversions have been done at least once and have been accredited by the German authorities (TÜV)
  • Please check what you have to do in your country to keep your bike road legal! And if you have to check with authorities, ask them before you start converting your bike.
  • Although we are carefully checking, we can't guarantee that the conversion are 100% correct! If in doubt, please ask!
  • We can't held responsible if you make any errors whilst following the conversion instructions. Everything you do to your bike is your own responsibility!
  • Not all the procedures explained in the FAQs are doable for novices. If in doubt, get somebody to help you who knows what he/she's doing.
  • If you are unsure about anything, you can come to our forum. You will get help there or get your questions answered. But please be aware, that all the members are German and some don't speak English at all.
  • We do not take on responsibility for any suggestions regarding changes, "hints" or other changes to our conversion instructions or FAQs posted in other forums.
  • Errors or additional info can be emailed to the author or admin.
  • Please email new conversions and FAQs as a .doc file, we are going to publish it under your name.

If you want to present your GS in our gallery, feel free to use this form.

And now: enjoy our Wiki.

Your team

P.S.: As we have just started to translate this Wiki, make sure to check out the american Wiki for a lot more FAQs!
P.P.S.: Should you like this site so much that you'd like to link it: Go ahead! Suitable banners to be found here.

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